"Jeffrey Mandelbaum, with a sweet sound, was highly satisfying, [and] brought considerable flair to his singing and characterization."
Opera News - Tim Smith

“A first-class countertenor.”
The Washington Post

"Jeffrey Mandelbaum gave an appealingly sensitive portrayal of Ottone.”
The New York Times – Allan Kozinn

“I especially admired… Jeffrey Mandelbaum, who projected a very masculine countertenor, more tenor than alto, as Ottone.”
Opera Today

“Jeffrey Mandelbaum excels.”
The Washington Times

“Gifted countertenor Jeffrey Mandelbaum, as Cleopatra’s evil brother, projects the requisite menace that more often goes with a bass or baritone part. Mandelbaum is a good physical actor, effective with sweeping gestures with a sword and cape.”
Hartford Courant

“Jeffrey Mandelbaum’s Ottone was emotionally open, vocally stalwart.”
Mark Adamo, composer

"Jeffrey Mandelbaum, who revels in the villainy of his role as Ptolemy…targets his coloratura with laser precision, masculine vocal power and amazing diction.”
The New London Day

“The best countertenor I have ever heard.”
Diane Wittry, Artistic Director of the Allentown Symphony and the Norwalk Symphony

“Through excellent singing and acting, he made his character more interesting and more important than one might expect.”
The Virginian-Pilot

"Jeffrey Mandelbaum is a distinct joy as Narciso, not missing a single laugh.”

“Mandelbaum astonishes with a smoothness like polished silver across the countertenor range…His mastery not only of vocal technique, but of the Baroque style was so profound as to be overwhelming.”
Asbury Park Press

“Jeffrey Mandelbaum has an astonishing voice that projects without ever sounding forced or unnatural.”
Stamford Advocate

“…a soaring, golden voice of remarkable purity…”

“Jeffrey Mandelbaum is a countertenor with fantastic ‘coloratura,’ octave ability, perfect for the Baroque style of Handel which he often performs…and is a nationally acclaimed singer.”
Shore Line Times